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With Dataport's sophisticated research tools, you can analyze, visualize and create custom reports from a vast database of original and curated data that ranges from utility market operations to appliance-level consumer behavioral research.

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Dataport's significant free content includes selected full reports and executive summaries of most market reports.

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Academic Licenses

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Data and research tools

Dataport offers a mix of free and subscription tools for utility analysts and researchers from universities and research institutions.

Data Libraries

Dataport's vast database of original and curated data includes ERCOT market operations, minute-interval appliance-level customer electricity use from nearly 1,000 houses and apartments in Pecan Street's multi-state residential electricity use research, and minute-interval gas and water use from hundreds of homes in Pecan Street's gas and water research testbeds as well as energy and climate-related federal datasets.

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Electric Markets

Dataport's Electric Markets dashboard shows current and historical information on electric grid operations for ERCOT. Information includes system-wide and zonal demand, generation, wind power generation, day-ahead market prices and locational marginal pricing.

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Residential Water Use

Dataport's Water Research dashboard draws on Pecan Street's data-intensive consumer research to show current and historical information on household water use. Water use is broken out hourly, daily and monthly, by key end uses and based on household size and demographics.


Dataport's most powerful tool. Create customized reports from any data library or side-by-side comparisons from different libraries. Instantly visualize the results. Even download the data from your query to a .csv file.

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Advanced Access

With Advanced Access, you can connect to Dataport's database directly. Requires proficiency in working with Postgres databases. This is the preferred tool for researchers and analysts who are power users.

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Research Reports

Dataport research reports analyze and synthesize information from electric wholesale market operations and from Pecan Street's data-intensive customer research. Also, find links to academic research produced using Dataport.

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