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For questions or issues relating to accessing Dataport and to subscriptions, please email us at

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If you need technical assistance, please feel free to contact Esha Choudhary (

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At Dataport, we are committed to providing high quality data that is free from gaps and errors. User feedback is a critical part of the data quality control process. If you come across data gaps or errors, please contact us at with the subject line '"Data QC submission".

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Input from our community of Dataport users is central to ensuring the usefulness of this resource for the production and dissemination of data-driven research. To provide feedback, recommended improvements to Dataport or to suggest additional publicly-available datasets for inclusion, please contact us at with the subject line '"Dataport feedback".

Dataport Citation (for Academic licenses)

When publishing non-commercial, academic papers using results gathered from Dataport, you must attribute Dataport and Pecan Street Inc. properly in your paper. Furthermore, any figures created based upon results gathered or derived from Dataport must be cited as well. A recommended citation is as follows: "Source: Pecan Street Inc. Dataport 2017", where 2017 is replaced with appropriate year. We understand that not all journals cite items similarly, so modification to the citation is allowed as long as "Pecan Street Inc." and "Dataport" are provided as the data source.

When publishing commercial papers or reports, please contact Grant Fisher at for further instructions.