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Site Access Levels

To obtain access to the Dataport site, an individual must be a registered user of Dataport. Depending on eligibility, registered users receive access to the resources available through the site at one of these levels:

  • Commercial Access
  • University Access
  • Registered User Access

Commercial access

The Commercial level of access is available to new and renewing members of Pecan Street's Industry Advisory Council, and extends the available license for use of the data to allow the data to be used for internal business purposes. To discuss becoming a member of the Industry Advisory Council and other commercial data requests, please fill out the registration form to the right.

University Access

The University level of Access is available to current faculty, staff, and students at a four-year postsecondary educational institution in the U.S. or equivalent-level institution in other nations. University members have access to all available data, including the datasets underlying the analysis in the Dataport reports, Knowledge Base articles, and forum. To obtain this level of access, you must supply a photo of your current organization ID or a link to your bio on the organization's webpage to allow the Dataport staff to verify that you are currently involved with the organization under which you are applying.

Registered User Access

The Registered User level of access is open to all, and grants each Registered User access to the sample visualization tool.

What's Included

Type of User Database Access Website File Access Knowledge Base Forums
University Report Datasets

Online Queriable Datasets

Machine Cleaned Datasets
Commerical Varies Varies
Registered User